10 Essential Points when Buying Glasses Online

By Aug.26, 2020

10 Essential Points when Buying Glasses Online
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In the modern digital age, with all the technology available to us, its so easy to buy amazing prescription glasses online. You should be able to purchase top quality glasses and lenses at a fraction of the cost, without even leaving your armchair.

Our ultimate guide to Buying Glasses Online

1. Do I need to purchase glasses from the place I had my eyes tested ?

Absolutely Not! Do not let the sales person force you into buying new glasses from them. Each optician will be told they must sell new glasses to over 75% of the people they see. Some will even say there is a change when it is so small or does not exist just to make a sale. Then they have huge mark ups on the glasses and lenses, which you are under no obligation to buy. Take a copy of your prescription and you will be amazed at the savings you will make buying your new glasses online.

2. Do i have an up to date prescription?

Have you had a sight test within the last two years? Everybody’s eye prescription will change organically over time, so its important you use the latest prescription whenever possible. Recently this has not been possible for a lot of us, so some online stores have been accepting prescriptions which are older than two years. As we are coming out of lockdown, its advisable to get a new prescription, if needed.

3 What do i want my new glasses to do?

Do i need to use them for driving, reading or a combination of the two. If you are under the age of 40 then chances are you will just need glasses for distance vision, these will also automatically work for reading and anything else like computer.

If however you are over 40 then you will start to need glasses for reading, above and beyond your distance glasses prescription. This is called presbyopia and it effects everybody and can start early at 38 or even 45 for some people.

If this is affecting you, then its time for varifocals or bifocals.

4. Make sure you get quality lenses, which are correct for your prescription.

If you need varifocals, then the best varifocals available are called digital or freeform lenses. They use the latest in computer aided design to minimize any side distortion, which can be an issue in basic varifocals. Comparing digital freeform varifocals with a older standard varifocal is like comparing small wooden tennis rackets with the newer large size graphite ones!

5. Make sure to choose the correct lens thickness for your personal prescription.

lens thickness start at 1.52, this lens is only really suitable for prescriptions up to +/- 3.00. Any stronger than this and the lenses will look thick and be heavy.

The next thickness is 1.56, which makes the lenses about 20% thinner.

Next is 1.60/1.61, this will be approx 30% thinner.

The thinnest lenses available are 1.74, these are approx 40% thinner than standard.

6. Do i have to E mail my prescription ?

Where it is possible always E mail your prescription.You will be able to input your prescription on the site, but its always good practice ton send your prescription so there can be a zero error rate.

7.Check turnover times,how quick will you get your glasses?

You should be looking at 7 to 10 days for most single vision lenses, and 10 to 14 days for any bifocals or varifocals.

8 Are your glasses made by qualified opticians at every stage of the manufacturing process? 

At GTTM only people who are fully qualified in all aspects of eye care, from testing the eyes to making the glasses, fully oversea the manufacturing process.

9 Customer Satisfaction

Are the glasses what I ordered?

 Do my frame look like the glasses I ordered on the website, are they the correct colour and size? 

10. Packaging and Finish

Have my frames been protected during transport to me?

Do the lenses sit in the frame correctly, with no sharp edges, no overhang and a clean smooth finish.

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