Frame size from your existing glasses

By Mar.23, 2020

Frame size from your existing glasses
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When you are selecting your new glasses, it would be a good guide
to use the measurements of your old glasses, so you will know your new
glasses will fit.

Your old frames will have some numbers on them, which are usually on the arm or side of your glasses frame.

  1. The first number is the lens diameter. This is the width of the lens measured in mm. The lens diameter is very much a matter of personal choice, but may also be determined by your chosen frame style which should suit your face shape and size. 
  2. The second is the bridge width.        This is the gap above your nose between the lenses. This measurement is crucial for making sure your new glasses fit comfortably. If the bridge size is too small, the glasses could pinch your nose. Conversely, if it is too wide, your new glasses may not be stable on your face. 
  3. The third number is the side length. This is the overall length of the side as measured from the hinge to the end of the side. Typically, side lengths come in one of three standards; 135mm 140mm or 145m.                                            When choosing an side length, remember that the side should be long enough to sit comfortably over and behind your ears. Please remember that glasses with straight sides may not always have this measurement indicated.
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