Do you offer frames only?

We do offer frames only however, we would only be able to offer 1⁄2 refund of the price of the frames if they are returned.

For this, they would need to be returned in the exact same condition. We would advise recorded delivery as we are not liable for items lost in the post.

Can you put new replacement lenses into my current frames?

Yes, please visit the REGLAZE section on our website.

What if my frames need adjusting after I receive them?

Most optical stores will do any minor adjustments as goodwill or for a small fee.

If you are still having issues then please get in contact and we will help.

What bifocal segment do Glasses to the masses use?

We use a standard D28 segment, which is very popular.

We also offer an E line where the line is across all the lens.

The best Bifocal we offer is a “no visable line ” bifocal. This is a highly modern digital design, allowing for amazing visual results at distance and near.


Do you sell prescription Sunglasses or other types of tints?

Yes of course, any of the glasses frames featured on our website can be made to your prescription.

We also use the latest Transitions V11 signature lens with industry-leading changing speeds.

Mirrored lenses or fixed tint lenses are also available in a large variety of tint colours.

All our sunglass options come with 100% UV protection as standard.

What is the quality of your lenses and frames?

We use the highest quality frames and lenses available, with a full 365 day manufacturer guarantee.

All of our frames have been rigorously tested, and all are suitable to house optical lenses correctly.

I am unsure which is the best lens option, can you help?

If your prescription is above +3.00/-3.00 we would advise the 1.67 professional package.

If the prescription is above +4.00/-4.00 then we advise the 1.74 premium package.

Standard lenses are only available to a +3.00/-3.00. after this, we advise one of our thinner lenses to help with weight and overall aesthetic look.

I am unsure about how to enter my prescription online. Can I send it to you instead?

This would be the best way to order your glasses, you can send a copy of your prescription via email or photo, there is a link near where you enter your prescription in order to do this.

Where possible we would ask you to always send a copy of your prescription.

It is your responsibility to enter your details correctly when ordering. If you have any doubts about your prescription please CONTACT US before ordering.