Masks and lenses steaming up

By Feb.02, 2021

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One of the main issues with wearing masks and face shields is your glasses steam up very quickly. Contact lenses would prevent this, but they can create their own issues, and not everyone likes to wear them.

In our ever adaptive would of Optics, advances are made sometimes through necessity, and all the different manufacturers have been in a race to produce an ANTI FOG lens.

We at GTTM have approached this problem from our customer based narrative. What is the best lens available? and what is the lowest price we can pass on to our customers

We have tested Ten different lenses and the standout winner was the no-fog lens by WLC.

We will add this lens to our options at the checkout.

I hope everyone is staying safe as possible out there, and hopefully this lockdown will end on the 8th and the kids can go back to school.

Stay Safe Everyone in 2021






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