Which Glassses Will Suit My Skin Tone

Which colour of glasses will suit, and go with my skin tone. 

Although face shape is important when choosing glasses, it is not the only factor which determines which frames will suit you. Your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour all play important roles.

Skin Tone.

Taking the colour of your skin out of the equation, actual skin undertones are categorised as either “cold” or “warm”.

How to find out your skin tone.

One way is to check out your veins, you should be able to use their colour to help identfy your skin undertone.

For example if you have blue of purplish looking veins, then usually you will have a cool undertone. However, if they are more green then you will have a warm undertone.

Another way to find out is to have a look a what colour jewellary you tend to wear. People who have cool skin are usually drawn to silver, and warn skin to gold. This is because of the way each colour compliements tone.


Which Glassses Will Suit My Skin Tone

Different people with "cool" skin tone

Which Glassses Will Suit My Skin Tone
Which Glassses Will Suit My Skin Tone
Which Glassses Will Suit My Skin Tone
Which Glassses Will Suit My Skin Tone

Glasses colour choices to consider for “cool” tones are grey, dark tortoiseshell, crystal, pinl, purple or blue shade.

In metallatics a silver would really blend well

Try to stay away from colours with strong yellow, or gold undertones, as they will clash with the cool tone of your skin.


Warm Tones

People with a warm skin tone suit colours like coral, peach, forest green, red, amber, light tortoiseshell. 

Also in metallics gold would look great.

Try to avoid icy, pale tones, and silver as they will make you look washed out.

Hair Colour, which frames will add Character

If you have dark hair, brown, black etc, then go for a light coloured frame in gold or bronze, as well as black of dark tortoiseshell.

More earthly tones of greens, reds and gold, will look great on your warmer tones.

Blonds can have more fun with tortoiseshell, warm frames, amber, red, gold, dark green all work well. 

If your blond hair is a lighter platinum colour, then you should go for frames which are slightly cooler like crystal, grey, purple and blue.

Its good to be grey!

You might not feel your silver strands are anything to celebrate but trust us they are. Grey hair offers the perfect pallett for any colour frame out there, especially dark earth tones, light dark, brown tortoiseshell are a classic choice.dark warm colours will naturally add colour to your grey hair, taking years off youy in an instant.



Matching eye colour to your frames

When you are choosing which frames will be the best for you, eye colour, you will need to decide whether you’d like your eyes to blend in or stand out.

As a general rule, neutral coloured frames, of frames which match the colour of your eyes will give a more subdued and professional look.

If you are looking to make your eyes stand out. You can choose contrasting colour frames, but you should make sure they are complimentary to your eye colour.